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Norvell Auto Revolution Sunless Spray System Call for Promotional Pricing

Norvell Auto Revolution Sunless Spray System Call for Promotional Pricing
Item# nrvl_autorevolution

Product Description

Norvell Auto Revolution H-1 is The best for both worlds. Custom Spray Tanning and Auto Spray Tanning all in one. Automated voice command for 2 easy positions. No Special plumbing, water, or drain needed. Uses a standard dedicated 110v/120v outlet. Heated Down Draft Technology for comfort and additionally activating the DHA within the solution, jump starting the tanning process. Designed for 2 Different 140oz. Solutions to be hooked up at one time. Beautiful, Bright and Attractive. Now with the Same Lighting as the Plus Unit.

Norvell Package Includes; (1)Norvell Auto Revolution Spray Booth; (1)Optional-Handheld Professional Custom HVLP Spray System; (6)Norvell Online Certification Training Certificates; See Norvell University for Training Online; (1)Norvell Training by Installer Day of Installation;

Package Products Included; (1)Slip Resistant Floor Matt; (1)Built in HVLP Custom Spray System, Gun Included; (4)iNTELLiSPRAY 140oz. Sunless Solution; (1)iNTLLiSPRAY 140oz. System Flush; (1)Eco Clean 64oz. Booth Cleaner; (1)Barrier Cream w/ Dispenser; (1)Venetian Sunless Solution 34oz. for Handheld Spraying; (24)X-Mitt Pre Tanning Exfoliating Mitt w/Display; (100)Disposable Hair Caps; (12)Disposable Robes; (12)Lip Invest Lip Balm Display; (25)Nose Filters; (50)Eye Shields; (50)Sticky Feet;

Norvell Promo Pack; (1)Sunless Window Cling Sign; (1)Sunless Lobby Poster; (1)Disposable Wear Pack, Bras, Panties, etc.; (1)Norvell University T-Shirt; (1)Auto Booth Training DVD; (1)Norvell University Handheld Training DVD; (1)Customer In-Lobby DVD with Promo Loop;

SUNLESS RETAIL KIT; (2)Professional Sunless Mist (7 oz); (2)One Hour Rapid ONE Sunless Mist (7 oz); (2)Venetian Sunless Mist (7 oz); (2)Self Tanning Mousse (8 oz); (4)Venetian Self-Tanning Mousse (8 oz); (1)eXmitt Pre Tan Body Buff (24 single mitts + display); (4)Bronzing 4-Faces (2 oz); (3)Renewing Sunless Exfoliator (5 oz); (6)pH Balancing Cleanser (8.5 oz); (6)Sunless Color Extender ProLong (8.5 oz); (4)Daily Replenishing 24hr Moisturizer (13 oz); (4)Sunless Maintenance System (Kit);

Specifications; Dimensions 43" W x 44" D x 87" H; No Special Plumbing, Water; or Drain Needed; Connections Compatible with Z-Gun, M-Gun, or T-Gun; Electrical Dedicated 110v/120v Outlet; Heated Downdraft Technology;

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